You don't leave the comforts of home for no reason. You go out to do something special. You go out to hang with old friends and meet new ones. You go out to experience life. And we're here to make that experience infinitely better. 
     To us, going out is sacred. We're on a mission to deliver a great time in a place that's as welcoming as the people who work here. We believe that your experience at The Tuscan Tavern should always exceed your expectations and always be worth going out for.
     Although Chef Joseph Rocco's soulful, flavorful interpretations of Italian cuisine indicate otherwise, Joseph is in fact a Midwesterner who spent his childhood in Chicago, Illinois. By whim or intuition, Rocco decided to enroll in ***** Culinary Institute for ***** years, and then secured a position in *****.  After **** years Rocco decided to open a resturant of his own, Gratto in Geneva. After *** years of success Joseph decided to sell the resturant and open up a new one in Oswego.
     The Tuscan Tavern is unlike any resturant in the area and aspires to delight guests with authentic Italian cusine, variety of mixed drinks, and imported wines. Rocco aspires to bring a traditional Italian experience in the comfort of the Chicagoland area, come dine with us and see what he has to bring to one of his handmade tables.